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Sharing and distributing spatial data over marine entities

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PORT MAPPER sp.z o.o. is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds “Port Mapper – a cloud tool for automation and digitalization of measurement services for the coastal zone and sea shores.” POPW.01.01.02-28-0038/21.

The goal of the project is to improve, digitalize, and automate measurement processes, result analysis processes and observational data, as well as cooperation among entities involved in the protection and monitoring of sea shores and the coastal zone. The outcome of the project will be a cloud-based, publicly available spatial information system serving as a meta-repository for measurement and observational data, along with a set of intelligent services facilitating cooperation and the execution of hydrographic measurements.


                                 Project value: 1,082,111.71 PLN                                                                                                              EU co-financing for the project: 864,859.62 PLN

Port Mapper Solutions

Port Mapper allows easy on – click sharing the spatial data
to other entities, single users


Share your spatial data

Share the spatial data like hydrographics surveys, maps and measurments between your co-employees and external users.


Easy data upload

Upload all your spatial information into your private data sandbox using simple to use drag&drop functions. Save a copy of all your spatial infrastructure in port mapper cloud.

About Port Mapper

Port Mapper login and authorization is integrated with all identity and authorization providers.

Access by Google/Facebook or LinkedIn identity

You don’t need to create account in Port Mapper in order to start using it. You can log in using your Social Media Identity – safe, secure & easy!

  • Integration with active directory
  • Authorization and Identification using OAuth2
  • Safe and secure data storage
  • Share the data publicly or just to local groups or direct users

Prizes and awards

Our team was awarder by Copernicus Masters Bremmen 2020 Challenge

Port Mapper uses analytical and AI-based algorithms to systematically monitor seashore erosion and the effects of human interference in nature. The Port Mapper projects was awarded because it seeks to fill the gap between the capabilities of Earth observation systems like Copernicus and requirements in mapping coastal habitats using conventional hydrographic methods.

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