Smart Solutions for spatial data management in ports

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Making faster, data-driven decision in ports requires up-to date geo-information

A port administration of any kind collects huge amount of information, which is used daily by various entities. Port mapper is a data management platform that’s port management that makes information management smarter, safer and objective decisions regarding space infrastructure.

PortMapper connects teams management, employees and subcotractors in daily hydrographic and spatial acquisitions routines, thus eliminating everyday activities that can be automated and don’t need human decision. With the ability to view and utilize port and asset data quickly and easily online, ports authorities gain the power to effectively oversee and optimize operations. The easy-to-use interface, smart tools, and online environment ensure that data is available for all, in one place at any time.

An easy way to share hydrographic and spatial data

Using Port Mapper operations of data processing and visualization surveyors can deliver results quicker and faster. The whole process is easier as port procurer can manage and validate quality of surveyor operations in real time, any time and provide instant feedback to surveyors.

Stategic campaign and seabed management for ports and harbours

Take control over planned, procured, performed survey campaigns in one map and table view.

Using integrations of satellite observations, surveyor data and maps, Port Mapper allows to strategically overview of current and future needs regarding surveys. Using Satellite dervived bathymetry, Port Mapper users that identify areas that need dredging and valideate already performed dredging operations.



  • Drag&drop data transfer
    from hydrographic surveys
  • Order hydrographic post processing online
    (Mutlibeam, single beam, LiDaR)
  • Attach additional information
    (SHP maps, charts, descriptions)
  • 3D View
  • Reporting


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Hydrographic Post Processing
  • Hydrograhic Surveys Procurement
  • Documentation
  • One click Data Share
  • User Administration (unlimited)
  • For Port Authorities, Harbour Administration, Marine Authorities


  • Procure surveys
  • View and manage surveys
  • Map & table survey view
  • Data sharing

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